Mystery Candles

Ohhhhh sounds mysterious!! I stumbled across this business on Facebook. I love candles and am always searching for a company that cares about their customers. There is another online candle shop that is getting too big for their britches (I won’t say which, but it starts with a D). They stopped caring about quality and now they are just trying to bang them out as quickly as possible. Now Mystery Candles on the other hand is a small business who likes making people happy. Their candles are poured to order. I won a candle the other day on their Facebook page. They do awesome games and do an excellent job at it! I can’t wait to get my Apple Jacks candle that was poured especially for me! Be on the lookout for a review! Oh, did I mention there is a surprise inside??

Check them out!!


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  1. Thank you Missy and again Congradulations on the win in Bingo!! Join us tonight at 9pm EST for Mystery Trivia!!!!

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