You gotta check out the Dual Temp layer!

You gotta check out the Dual Temp layer! I went to the Sleep Number bed store last night and crawled into the Dual Temp layer bed. Oh, it was awesome! Go to your closest store and try it out right now!

Dual Temp Sleep Number!

Dual Temp Sleep Number! I like to be warm when I sleep, but my husband likes to be cold. Right now, he has a fan on and I have a space heater! How nice would the Dual Temp layer be?? I can’t wait to go into the Sleep Number store and try it out. Would…

$2 coupon for Children’s Mucinex!

$2 coupon for Children’s Mucinex! I got to try Children’s Mucinex for free through Smiley360. It really helps clear up that yucky fall cough all the kids have! Check it out!

Kiss Nail Art

Kiss Nail Art “I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.” Are you a part of Influenster yet? I got my Rose Vox Box yesterday which was totally free! What’s a Vox Box, you ask? It is a box filled with goodies that is geared towards you! They pick people who have certain…

Sometimes the best restaurants are dumps…

There is a restaurant called Jimbos here in MN that I drove past for years. I would always laugh at it because it looked like a tiny little house. They don’t even have a parking lot. One day, I got a deal for there. We gave it a shot. We walked in (we felt like…

The miracle drug!

The miracle drug! I got to try Mucinex for kids for free through You can try it for $2.00 off by clicking on the above link! It really does work for coughs!

Do you recycle?

At work, we used to throw everything in the dumpster. I ended up getting a special dumpster just for recycling!

Tis the season for sickness

Tis the season for sickness I got to try Mucinex for kids through I was so excited when we got it because I had kids with a terrible cough! They tried it this morning and the taste isn’t bad and it seemed to loosen up the mucus! Give it a try with a $2…

Going green? How?

About 6 months ago, I decided it would be better for my family and the environment if we went green. In addition to recycling, I began making my own laundry detergent and fabric softener. I found a great recipe for the detergent that involved no grating soap or cooking anything. It is so simple, healthy…

Win Beats by Dre!

Win Beats by Dre! This is a great prize! I would love to be able to own these headphones!

Win a free speaker!

Win a free speaker! If you hate having to hold your phone or iPod up to hear music, get in on this contest to win a free speaker!