Scratch and sniff

Scratch and sniff

Scratch and sniff your screen….you can almost smell the green apple! OK, don’t REALLY scratch your screen ( please don’t send me the bill if you did!) I got my Vitabath via UPS today. My UPS guy knew I really wanted it – he delivered it to me straight at work instead of my house! I tore into the package and was surprised on what a large bottle it is! For only $7.95, you are getting a lot of lotion! I opened it and was blown away by the bright scent. It smells so fruity and summery! It is also paraben free, which is really important to me. I try to stay away from parabens as my mom had breast cancer and I am staying away from things that might cause it. it contains no artificial color either! Pretty much, it is joy in a bottle! When you put it on, it feels like silk and absorbs in your skin right away. No greasiness. Check out their site! It is worth it! Click the photo to begin your trip to heaven!


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