Imagine this. It is the week of Christmas break. You are ten years old. Your dad kisses you goodbye and goes to work. It’s just like any other day. A few hours later, you hear the phone ring. Your mom answers it. You hear her scream, drop the phone and begin to cry. Your dad has just been shot in the head while at work. I forgot to mention. Your dad works in an office building. Or at Target. Or as a mail carrier. He got shot in the head while sitting at his desk, stocking shelves, or delivering mail.

Now imagine this. It is Christmas Day. The gifts labeled To: Dad sit under the tree. You open the gifts that your dad so carefully wrapped over a week ago. Christmas will never be the same. No holiday will ever be the same due to a senseless shooting.

Let’s think about the senseless shooting of police officers. Officer Liu and Officer Ramos were the same as the dad in my above story. They went to work and were killed for no reason. Their families went through the Christmas season without them. Their holidays will never be the same again. And why? Because of a spineless thug. The word thug is a noun meaning “a violent person, especially a criminal”. No race was mentioned. Why? Because the race of this person doesn’t matter. This isn’t a race issue, it is an issue of being dumb. A person with any sense would never kill anyone, especially not a person who is just sitting there doing their job. It’s not a black and white thing. It is a common sense thing (or lacking common sense, I should say).

I am just one person writing a blog. I won’t make a difference. But please, let’s stop the senseless killing of people. Please stop raising weapons to the police. Or to anyone for that matter. No one deserves to lose their life for just doing their job.

Remember, Officer Ramos or Office Liu could have been your dad, just going to work on a normal day.


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