Margarita Thursdays!


I can’t imagine why no one wants to sit by us at Margarita Thursday night at the local Applebee’s. We really think we are hilarious. When we get together, we laugh until our bellies hurt. I remember this evening. It was right after Ebola became a household word (I remember because we were worried that we would get Ebola from eating there). We had some food and a couple drinks. Sarah, (long brown hair) tried a new drink and said “this is what alcohol poisoning tastes like” and then proceeded to drink it. After a lot of laughs, talk of The Walking Dead (we are obsessed with Norman Reedus) and jokes about Ebola (not a joking matter), we walked to Northtown Mall. Don’t worry, it is just across the parking lot.

Those people didn’t think we were funny either. Separately, we are socially awkward and quiet. Together, we are hilarious (we think so anyway) and a little louder than we think we are. At Northtown, we were in search of the cologne Norman Reedus wears. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he plays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. He is a yummy little treat. Sarah is a little more obsessed with him than I am (she wants to know what he smells like). We went into every store at the mall that sells cologne. They all thought we were nuts. It is a brand called Kiehls and “we don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, we just want to know what he smells like”. Thankfully my nephew is a security guard at this mall and we didn’t get thrown out for being annoying.

Long story short, (or long story long), Sarah and I always have a great time together whether it is at the mall, at the gym or at home watching The Walking Dead marathons. I end up with abs of steel by the time she goes home because of the insane amount of laughing.


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