Who loves to eat??

I know I do! I am a sucker for chips and dip! When I was selected to host a Gourmet Du Village party through Tryazon, I was so excited! They have gourmet dips! I was sent all of their flavors and got to try them with friends and family. I decided to make 2 hot dips – hot crab and spinach artichoke. I also made a cold dip with sour cream and mayo.

The first dip was the hot crab. I did not try it because I do not like crab. My family loved it though! They all stood around shoveling it in their mouths. It was really easy to make as well.


I also made the spinach artichoke. My husband and I always order this when we go out, so I couldn’t wait to see if this was restaurant quality or not. It was! It was so good and again really easy to make.


Let’s talk about how cute these baking dishes are as well! They sell them on their site along with all the dips.



I made a cold dip as well. I made the cheddar bacon with sour cream and mayo. Seriously yummy. There was none left by the end of the party!


Here is the whole gang after enjoying a nice meal and really tasty dips from Gourmet Du Village!


I can’t express enough how delicious these were! One last shot of the yummy dips! Please check them out online! Thank you Tryazon for sending this all to me for free!




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