Review of Allafia Triple Milled soaps

 I received these items for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

 Alaffia balances science with tradition to holistically benefit your body, communities, and the environment. Our long lasting, triple milled, certified fair trade shea butter soaps leave skin feeling soft and sumptuous. Each 5 oz bar provides an amazing value, empowers communities, and makes a gift lasts. Biodegradable in domestic packaging with no synthetic fragrance.

What is Triple Milled Soap?

Triple milled soap, also called French milled soap, was created by French soap makers in the 1,700s. First, the soap is formed by a chemical reaction between shea butter and an alkali. After this neutral base soap is created, it is grated into fine particles and passed between a pair of closely spaced rollers, a process called milling, which turns the soap into a paste. During this first milling, fragrances and colorings are added. This milling process helps distribute the color and scent evenly throughout the soap. As you can guess from the name, a triple milled soap goes through this process three times before it is formed into cakes of soap.

The triple milling process produces beautiful bars of soap that are very hard, glossy and smooth. Triple milled soaps also lather well and the bars tend to last longer due to their hardness.

About the Alaffia Company:

Alaffia was created to help West African communities become sustainable through the fair trade of indigenous resources. One key to sustainability is empowerment of individuals within the communities. We encourage empowerment through our community projects, our women’s cooperatives, and education and involvement in our customer communities.

I prefer using products made by small businesses that help the community over large businesses. I decided to review these soaps because they are all about helping people. In West Africa, about 162,000 women and 1 million infants die each year due to lack of basic maternal care. In 2004, Alaffia launched the Maternal Care Project and have been providing full maternal care ever since. When you use these soaps, you’re empowering mothers.

I received 2 lavender shea butter soaps, one sandalwood shea butter, one pineapple coconut shea butter, one raspberry shea butter and one lemongrass citrus African black soap. The minute I opened the box, I could smell these amazing soaps.



I tried the lavender shea butter soap right away. It smells like fresh lavender! It felt really great on my hands and lathered up nicely.



All of the soaps smell amazing. They do not have overpowering scents. The ingredients they use are certified fair for life – social & fair trade IMO.


You can find these amazing soaps on Amazon. Please consider purchasing. They would make a great gift!

You are helping women and babies by purchasing! Here is the Amazon link.


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