All about freebies

Yesterday I had a garbage bag full of freebies on my porch. I posted the picture to my social media and right away people were asking “how do you get all those freebies?”

First things first, follow Freebiequeen on Facebook. She posts freebies and different deals all day.

This might look overwhelming, but here are the websites you have to join.


On Smiley360, they send you surveys when there is an item available to you. If you get through the survey and are a good match for the product, they will send it to you. They do ask that you review it and share it on social media. I have received so many awesome products through them! Right now, I am trying gummy vitamins and Gorilla tape.


On Crowdtap, do all your quickhits and missions. Once in a while, they will have sample and shares or hosted parties. You do need to qualify for them. Some items are geared at parents, some geared at younger people etc. They have been giving away sample and shares like crazy recently! I received a hosted party with 6 boxes of mac and cheese, plates, cups, and a $10 gift card to buy more items. Also at the end of the month, they do drawings for gift cards. My best month was winning $70 in Amazon gift cards!


PinchMe is hit or miss. They have samples released once a month that are highly targeted towards certain demographics. You can go months without getting anything. I just received a box filled with goodies after months of no boxes.


BzzAgent is another review site. You sign up and do surveys. When there is a match, they will send you an invitation to join. I recently received a box of garbage bags along with a $25 gift card to buy other cleaning supplies. I also tested out Zoomer (robot dog) through BzzAgent.

House Party

I love House Party! They are currently taking applications for a ton of parties! I love the boxes they send. I recently received a pedometer with a bunch of goodies for friends and family!


They recently changed formats. It used to be that you would get points for social media interactions. Now I am not sure what it is, but I have received 2 prizes from them. One was Glade plugins and just yesterday I received a Glade warmer with wax melts!


Sign up and write reviews on everything you currently use. They will send you surveys when there are Vox Boxes available. If you are a fit, they will send you a box. Some of them have just one product (like mascara) and some are themed boxes with lots of items. I recently wrote Ebay reviews for them and they sent me $75!

Now go sign up and figure these sites out! You will start having amazing mail days like I do!

IMG_8256 IMG_8258


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