Thermalabs Self Tanning Towelettes Glow2Go review

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  • Each towelette will produce Quick • Even • Streak Free • Natural Looking Tan • In less then 4 hours! Not 100% satisfied? Send it back for 100% full refund! Price will go back up to original price of $50 soon.
  • Thermalabs is America’s best self tanning company producing nothing but the best self tanning products in the market
  • Sold EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon. If you have any questions about this product call Thermalabs Hotline 24/7 Toll Free (877) 266-6257

I received this at a deeply discounted price for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

I am so pale. My grandparents are from Sweden which explains why I am so pale. My mother had skin cancer, so I am afraid of the sun. I know how bad tanning is for me, so I avoid it. When I had the chance to test these, I jumped on it. I love doing the spray on tanning, but it takes too long. I also hate the smell.

These wipes are amazing. They do not have that tanning smell you get with lotions or spray on tan.


Each wipe is big enough to do half your body. They are very moist and do not tear when using them. It is easy to get a streak free tan.


These are so simple. You can’t screw it up. It is important to exfoliate before using and do not shave right before using the wipe. I wiped mine up and down without overlapping. I did my right leg and left my left leg alone. It says to wait 10 minutes to put your clothing back on. Mine dried within a couple minutes and I could see results immediately.

As you can see, it is clear. It stays clear through the entire application and my hands were not stained. I did wash them after and they did not turn orange.



Pictures do not do this justice. My right leg is glowing. I can’t wait to use it on my entire body to get a beautiful summer glow! These will not turn you orange. They give you a glow like you just came in from the summer sun. I would highly recommend these to anyone.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. slysamblogs says:

    I have those towelettes, they certainly are less messy than some other self tanning lotions and give a nice color. I like your sandals!

  2. Michelle hwee says:

    These look fantastic! I am always up for a new way to get tan without the sun-damage. This looks great!!

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