SmartyPants vitamins review

“The core values of SmartyPants are transparency, excellence and transformation. We want our customers to question our ingredients; to know the smart choices that went into making our product. We believe that being transparent in our labeling allows our customers to trust our product. We place value in the transformation of a person becoming less preoccupied with themselves and more concerned for those around them, which drives our 1 for 1 nutrient grant with Vitamin Angels.

Smarty Pants was the first to combine four vitamins in one. Our formula saves you money. If you bought the same quality individual vitamins separately, you would easily spend more than twice what we charge per bottle.

Our premium ingredients are Vitamin D and Omega-3. Six of every ten children in the US have a Vitamin D deficiency.”

I received these for free for my honest review. I have been looking for the perfect vitamin for my children so I was very excited to try these!


They also sent me a few trial packs of the adult gummies. I already take gummy vitamins, but these have a much better flavor and have more vitamins included in them. They also do not stick in my teeth like the others.


I had my 7 year old try the no sugar added children’s gummies. He said they taste very yummy and “can I have more?” We had the talk that he can only take 2 per day (after 2 weeks he can increase to 4 per day per the instructions on the bottle).



This morning, he tried the other children’s gummies. These look like they have sugar on the top (I am sure it is not sugar though, I just don’t know how to explain it). He gets to take 4 of these a day. I also tried one and they were very tasty.


Omega 3 is important for eye health. You can get it from fish….or you can just take your Smarty Pants vitamins. I feel good about giving these to my children and I feel good about taking them myself.

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That’s why they call us #thegoodgummy.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Swati says:

    Do they ship to Canada?

      1. Swati says:

        Thanks!! Will check it out!

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