Bellesentials Temporary Tattoos Review

BODY ART WITHOUT THE COMMITMENT If you’re looking for temporary tattoos that look real, you’ve found them! Whether you use them for hand tattoos, to decorate your arm or to dress up your ankle or leg, no one will know they’re not the real thing
ADD SOME SPARKLE TO YOUR SKIN Metallic glitter gold and silver tattoos look elegant and will have everyone noticing you
A TATTOO FOR EVERY OCCASION With 5 temporary tattoo paper sheets, you can choose between large and small tattoos and find the perfect look to suit your mood and go with your outfit. Each sheet is 6 inches by 8 inches in size
OUTLASTS OTHER OPTIONS Our sexy temporary tattoos are made from premium materials, making them very long lasting and capable of looking brand new for up to 5 days
SO MANY GORGEOUS DESIGNS We have all of the temporary tattoos women want all on one sheet with feather, rose, wings, star, flowers and other feminine designs as well as tribal markings and more

IMG_9277 IMG_9276

I received these for free in exchange for my honest review.

I love tattoos and I really love temporary tattoos that look real! I thought these looked fancier than regular temporary tattoos. I liked the idea of the metallic design.

I tried 3 of them on the same arm. I’ve always wanted a heart tattoo on my forearm, so that is where I put that. I put the metallic gold bracelet on my wrist and the words “believe” above the heart.

There were no directions on how to apply, so I applied them as I normally would with water and pressure.


They turned out really cool! I love the gold metallic bracelet.



This morning when I woke up, I noticed the words were almost completely rubbed off and the heart was cracked. I took a shower, came to work and took another picture.


As you can see, they don’t last long. But, check out the bracelet.


It still looks great! Almost as perfect as when I put it on.

These are really fun – just go into it knowing that they don’t last very long. You could apply them and use clear liquid bandage on the top to make them last longer.

Here is the link to order on Amazon.

Happy tattooing!




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