ElimiScar .5 mm Dermaroller Review and Giveaway!

I received this for free in exchange for my honest review. They were also so kind to give one away to my readers! Read through my review and the entry form will be below!

Age Defying. Elimiscar Derma roller and Vitamin C serum work together to revitalize tone and texture and restore skin’s youthful appearance while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while restoring skin’s texture.  The combined action of this pair is designed to help protect against environmental damage while helping target, repair and defy aging.

Clear Skin. Reveal clear, radiant skin with the Clear Skin Kit from Elimiscar. Visibly transform skin clarity and reduce the appearance of acne scars with Elimiscar Dermaroller and Vitamin C Serum. This kit dramatically transforms skin with a cutting-edge blend of peptides and antioxidants that provides complete protection by repairing and strengthening skin cells and their functions.


Never in my life have I heard of a dermaroller. I watched the Youtube videos before mine came in the mail and I’ll admit that I was scared. I was watching these videos where people were bloody.

Here is the good news. You won’t get bloody using the .5 mm dermaroller. It won’t even hurt. This has tiny needles that go into your skin. You roll it over your face (they tell you exactly how in the directions). It was pretty easy and not scary. I rolled it up and down 4 times, sideways 4 times and diagonal 4 times. The only place it was slightly uncomfortable was my nose and upper lip!

It came in a double sealed package so it is totally sterile. You will want to make sure it is always sterilized so no germs will spread.



It was hard to get a close up photo, but it has over 500 tiny needles and easily rolls over your skin.


These tiny needles poke your skin which sends a signal that says “DAMAGE! DAMAGE! Fix as soon as possible!” and your skin repairs itself. It also allows for your serums and moisturizers to get into your skin easier. I followed it up with the Vitamin C serum that came with the dermaroller.

I was very itchy after, but it was not painful. I did it on a Saturday night and woke up Sunday looking refreshed and younger! My lines around my eyes were nearly gone. My skin was glowing.


This is my before and after picture. I used it on the cleansed face (on the left. I couldn’t get my eye makeup off though) and woke up Sunday like this (on the right).  This was after rolling ONE TIME. No redness, no pain.

Still interested in trying it out? You can buy it here.

Do you want to try it for free?? Enter my giveaway here! It ends July 6th at noon Central time.



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