USB Car Charger Review

PROFESSIONAL BUILD ✔ USB Portal car chargers are made with materials that follow strict production standards to ensure the highest quality products for our customers. Their sleek design offers reliable high-output charging with style!
MULTIPLE PORTS ✔ Charge up to 3 devices simultaneously using the available 3 ports on this model, which uses intelligent circuit design to deliver maximum output to your portables. DC input: 12V/24V; DC output: 5V/5.2A.
INDICATOR LIGHT ✔ The interface includes a blue indicator LED light to guide you during night time use, and to notify you the charger is properly connected.
PROTECTS YOUR DEVICES ✔ The USB Portal car charger is composed of ABC and PC fireproof material, and uses power management integrated circuits to ensure protection against over-charge, over-heating and short circuits.
BE AT EASE ✔ When buying this product, you are automatically protected by our risk-free 1 year warranty! We stand by our product, and value our customers.

I received this for free in exchange for my honest review.


I’ve never had a car charger because they are too expensive. My phone is always dead and I’ve learned to live with it. I know if I need a battery, I need to charge my phone before I go or bring a charger. Many a time, I’ve been sitting against a wall charging my phone.

I don’t have that problem anymore! I charge my phone on the go! This is really nice. It is affordable and charges really fast.

Your car doesn’t even have to be on to charge your phone! I plugged mine into my car from the passenger seat to take this photo.


As you can see, the light is on which means it is charging. Check out the upper right corner of this screen shot.


It’s charging! It’s so exciting to be able to charge my phone in the car! But do you know what is better than charging one device? Charging 3 devices at the same time!


How cool is that? I know you want one now. You can buy it here.


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