Utilyze Foot File Review

►EXTREMELY POWERFUL – With rollers that spin more than 50 times per second, this is by far the strongest callus remover on the market. If you’re tired of other products that just don’t have enough power, this is for you!
►RECHARGEABLE – No need to constantly change batteries. Comes with an AC adapter for convenient charging. Very economical over the life of the product. If you prefer a battery-operated device, please see our CR-500B model.
►PREMIUM QUALITY – Completely re-engineered with a ton of power that can handle the hardest calluses. Made with high quality ABS materials. The optimum alternative to a professional pedicure.
►SAFE – Latest German design and CE international safety standards approved. Safer and more effective than scrapers which use blades to cut the skin and easier than pumice stones that require constant rubbing. Perfect solution for men and women struggling with callused feet.
►LIFETIME GUARANTEE – This product comes with our standard lifetime return guarantee. Try it risk-free and take advantage of this special launch offer!


I received this for free in exchange for my review.

My heels are so nasty! I can get a pedicure one day and then my heels are cracked the very next day. Pedicures are expensive. With the Utilyze foot file, you can do it all yourself for a fraction of the price and time!


It is really easy to use. It comes put together with an extra head. You will want to charge it first. I used it while it was charging and it worked really great! It doesn’t hurt at all and really buffs away the dead skin. I couldn’t believe it! My dead skin was flying everywhere! I would recommend putting a towel down to protect your floor from all the dead skin. I used it for 5 minutes per foot and my heels look and feel totally different now. It was unbelievable!

You can watch the video of all the fun here!

If you would like to purchase, the Amazon link is here! Your feet can be beautiful!


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  1. This looks interesting. Do you know if somebody sells it in the UK?

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