Eye Mask Sleeping Kit Review

ONE SIZE FIT ALL – this sleeping eye mask have adjustable strap that ensures the perfect personalized fit for every head size. Perfect fit to Mens Womans and even children .
WHY YOU NEED OUR PRODUCT – Ultra soft and incredibly lightweighteye mask, high quality fabric that guarantees you waking up feeling well-rested and refreshed , Uniquely shaped to allow free eye movement , the ear plugs have perfect fit on the ear and Prevents noises ,
THE BEST DESIGN – Ergonomic design that effectively blocks all unwanted light sources to ensure a deep and natural sleep anytime anywhere
WHAT INCLUDED – Comes with Perfect Sleeping eye mask & earplugs & a stylish carry pouch, ideal for home and a must-pack travel item to take with you everywhere you go
GUARANTEE – One year money Back Guarantee for 100 % satisfaction deal.
Wish to improve the quality of your sleep?
Finally, you can get the sleep you’ve been dreaming of with our super silky extra soft lightweight Sleep eye mask. Accompanied by a set of noise blocking ear plugs, this expertly designed eye mask is a must have item for travel or everyday use. Helps you relax softly into that deep sleep you’ve been longing for after your long hard day at work. Keeps your eyes completely shielded from all sources of light that interfere with sleep, allows you to slumber sweetly anywhere and wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Why you need to buy our eye mask?
Adjustable strap to fit all Men, Women and Children. Deep eye cavities which enable the eyes to move freely without disrupting REM sleep. Won’t smudge makeup.
Comes with a carry case that allows you to take it with you anywhere you go. This Eye mask is lightweight so you can sleep in the best way . Perfect sleep Reduces stress , This product will help you to sleep perfect .
We provide to all our customers One Year Money back Guarantee !! So you can be sure in 100 % that you will enjoy the product .

I received this for free in exchange for my honest review.

We just put in new windows in our house. We never hung the curtains back up, so I have been waking up when the sun comes up. The sun shines right in my eyes every morning. This is not fun on the weekends. I tried out this mask as soon as I got it. It is much plusher than the other masks I have tried. I love how soft it is.

It’s also really cool because you can easily open your eyes in this mask. Even with your eyes open, you can’t see anything because this mask blocks all the light.

The place where your nose goes is really cool too. It was itchy the first night, but I was used to it by the next night.

This mask gave me great nights of sleep! It is very comfortable and will fit all head sizes. It’s adjustable in the back, which is really nice.

It’s a nice, high quality mask. I snapped this selfie yesterday morning. Look how bright it is in my room! I slept right through the sunrise! (Also it is hard to take a selfie with a mask on).


You can order it here.

You won’t find a better mask anywhere!


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