Ph Test Strips Review

PH Balance Test Strips, 100 CT allow you to stay in complete control of your body’s PH and know when you are either too high in PH or too low. PH is the measure of the electrical action in your body which regulates many of your body’s functions. A number that is too high or too low can be harmful to your long term health.
PH Level Test Strips are easy to travel with as they are in a plastic box, and are made more durable than any thin litmus paper. They will instantly, within 15 seconds or less allows you to know what the level of PH is in your body. Instant results allow for instant adjustments if levels are too high or low.
PH Test Strips for Urine or Saliva can be used in either substance to allow you to get an accurate picture of the electrical activity in your body. There are many health side effects from a level that is too high in acid: you can have insulin fluctuations, weight loss and weight gain, and lack of energy.
PH Test Strips for Urine and Saliva can also detect when your PH is too alkaline, or too low which can give you long term health issues such as body pain, nerve pain, lack of sleep, and a hard time focusing on tasks at hand. Instant detection of low PH puts a new level of control in your hands to make the necessary adjustments.
PH Level Test Strips come with a 100% money back guarantee which will allow you to return them if you are not 100% satisfied with the product. Why would you not take control of your health and your future and know your PH Level with PH Level Test Strips, your health is in your hands.

I received these for free in exchange for my review.
I am on a journey to lose weight, and it seems impossible to do when you don’t know what your body is doing on the inside. I tried these right away. I used my morning urine as well as my second urine to get a test. They are really easy to use. You just pee on the paper. You can also use your saliva.
I found that my urine is too acidic (it measured at 6.5). Healthy numbers should be 6.8 to 7.4. In order for me to change that, I know I need to eat more green veggies.
The pH strips are helpful to use so you know exactly what your body is doing. These come with 100 strips, so it will last awhile.
You can buy them here.


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