Acquapura Personal Water Filter Straw Review

Our Triple Layer Filtration System – makes water 100% safe to drink-NO COMPROMISES; Softens Water and Eliminates Water Odor; Filters 99.999% of Waterborne Bacteria Greater Than .01 Microns.
Features a Unique Cap with an Innovative Dust-Free Design; Protecting You from the Secondary Pollution of the Outlet Mouthpiece. Includes the backwash device for flushing the filter out of left over particles
Certified By the WQA and the TUV-SUD; the Most Respected Ranking Organizations for These Types of Products.
Ideal for EMERGENCIES, CAMPING, TRAVELLING, TREKKING and any situation where access to safe drinking water is scarce
Exclusive Antibacterial GAC “Damping System” with UF Membrane Ensures that Raw Water is Completely Filtrated. • Compact and Light-Weight at just 2.12 Oz (60 Grams)

Are you in need of a personal water filter that will give you complete confidence in any unexpected situation? Do you want to be sure that wherever you are – camping in the forest, travelling abroad, or in a dire survival crisis – that you will have clean and safe drinking water upon demand?

Most people are unaware and naïve about the everyday risks and dangers that can lead to a scarcity of potable water. Now you and your loved ones can be prepared for these types of life and death scenarios. The AcquaPura Personal water filter is a portable emergency water filter straw that allows you to convert any non-saline water source, (lakes, rivers, streams, springs, rain, etc.), into completely safe and drinkable water.

Our revolutionary Triple Absolute Filtration system offers the highest level of filtration on today’s market because its ultra carbon and particle filter is chemical-free and anti-bacterial. The activated carbon granules contain IONIC SILVER known to be one of the most potent antibacterial elements in the world.. Ionic silver is also a Ionic silver is also a powerful tissue-healing agent. This means that the AcquaPura Personal water filter will not only reduce harmful mineral compounds such as heavy metal ions and chlorine, but also protect you from dangerous water-borne illnesses. Impressively light-weight at just 2.12 oz (60 grams), it’s ultra-compact and can filter 400 gallons of water at up to 400ml (14oz) per minute. Extremely easy to use, the AcquaPura straw filter allows you to simply pop off the top, and drink directly out of the water source. Sturdy and Durable, the AcquaPura camping water filter will last in storage for years and years.

Why not buy several to keep in your car, your basement, in your emergency kit, etc?


I received this for free in exchange for my honest review.

I watch a lot of the show “Naked and Afraid”. Their biggest hassle when in the wild is trying to find clean water. When they do find water, they have to waste time boiling it and letting it cool. I also watch a lot of “The Walking Dead”. They also search for fresh water. I thought to myself, “if they had their own personal water filter, they wouldn’t have this problem”.

This straw is really cool. You put the end of it in the water (a stream, for example) and gently suck. It filters the water 3 times before it reaches your mouth. It leaves you with fresh water in your mouth. How awesome would this be to have during a zombie apocalypse??

More realistically, you can use this while camping if you run out of fresh water or get lost in the woods. It is easy to throw into a backpack. You will always have the ability to have fresh water when you carry this.

You can purchase here on Amazon.


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