Program Your Healthy Weight Review and Giveaway


I received this CD for free in exchange for my honest review.

Want to lose some weight?

Think of your brain as a computer….

There are habits, patterns and responses that can be re-programmed to help you achieve a healthy weight

Relax with guided imagery & beautiful music as we address the sources of your issues and update them with healthier responses.

–Healthier alternatives become more appealing…  Enjoy feeling satisfied with smaller portions….Listen while you sleep……

– See more at:

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew I needed to lose weight and was willing to try all outlets possible.

I popped it in the DVD player (we don’t have a CD player). I hunkered into a comfy position on my couch and let myself listen and relax. Her voice is very soothing and relaxing. Soon I could picture everything she was saying. She really gets in your brain. When it was over, I felt amazingly relaxed. I haven’t felt the need to snack on junk since then. I’m not sure what she did in my head, but I no longer crave chips, dip and all the other bad snacks. I did lose 2 lbs in 2 days after listening to that as well, but I can’t say it was for sure because of the CD.

If you would like to try it out, you can purchase here.

OR if you want to try it free, you can win it from me! They will send you your very own copy! Enter here!


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