ISA Profesional Flat Iron Hair Straightener Review

ISA Professional introduces our newest revolutionary product. The ISA Professional VICTORYA Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener has heating plates made from 100% solid ceramic which enables salon quality hair straightening at home. Unlike metal or ceramic-coated plates, our 100% solid tourmaline ceramic plates transfers heat faster and more evenly, for perfect results each and every time while emitting negative ions to smooth and protect hair.
The SMART Automatic Temperature adjustment changes based on your hair’s thickness, texture, and styling needs. It will even change to higher when doing thick side pieces and lower when doing bangs and flyaways. Straighten without having to fiddle with temperature controls. This is the best and easiest temperature set on the market.
The unique shape of the ISA Professional VICTORYA Hair Straightener does more than just straighten your hair. You can also shape your hair into bouncy curls or glam waves with just the flick of your wrist. Beautiful and so simple!
We guarantee this salon quality professional product for 2 full years.
The Victorya Flat Iron Hair Straightener is the best easiest styling tool for your hair. * SMART Automatic Temperature Adjusts to your hair without you having to set it * 100% SOLID Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Pivoting Plates * Universal Voltage so you can travel with it * Fast and safe straightening, curls, waves * 360 degree full swivel no tangle cord * Ambidextrous design. Because the buttons are centered inside of the handle it is as easy for left handed or right handed use * Full 2 Year warranty!

I received this free in exchange for my honest review.


I have curly hair, so I’ve tried all the straighteners out there. You know, when you have curly hair, you want straight hair. I’ve tried the iron you can use on wet hair, I’ve tried the CHI irons and I’ve tried the lower end irons. They all pull on my hair and I have to go over each section several times, thus damaging my hair more.

I was really excited to use this iron. I was on my 2nd day after shampooing (my hair straightens better when it’s on it’s second day). I plugged it in and it was hot and ready to use in less than 30 seconds. Crazy! I took my first 2 inch section of hair and the iron glided over it. No pulling. I didn’t have to redo it. I was able to finish my whole head in less than 10 minutes. I don’t have a lot of hair, but I have an asymmetrical cut, so it was hard to grab the short hair in the back. This iron made it a lot easier to grab that short hair. It doesn’t feel hot against your head, so you can really get in there and grab them. This truly feels and works like a professional iron your stylist would use at the salon.

I love this flat iron. I will be donating my old straightener to my mom and this will be my go to iron. My hair is so soft and straight!

You can purchase here on Amazon!


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