Skinny Jane Quick Slim Kit Review – Vanilla

Your Skinny Kit includes three great Skinny Jane products:
Skinny Blend

Skinny Blend is a great tasting weight loss shake designed for results. It contains a special blend of ingredients to help you lose weight and feel satisfied.
Nutritional Info:
• 100 calories per serving
• Only 1 gram of sugar
• 3-4 grams of fiber
• Special blend of 7 proteins

• Suppresses appetite
• Boosts metabolism
• Speeds weight loss
• Tastes great!
• 1.5 lb bag = 30 servings

Suggested use: Drink one to two Skinny Blend Shakes a day for best results.
Skinny Burn

• 9 cutting edge ingredients to maximize fat loss
• Helps reduce food cravings
• Increases energy
• Ignites metabolism (helps burn calories)
• Contains Raspberry Ketones
• 60 capsules per bottle

Suggested use: Take 2 capsules daily with 8 oz. water, one before breakfast, and one around 2 p.m.

Skinny Burn is very safe and effective. You will have more energy, you won’t crave carbs, and your body will start burning body fat!
Skinny Cleanse

• Helps remove toxins from the body
• Speeds weight loss
• Helps you feel better
• 15 day formula for fast results
• 30 capsules per bottle

Suggested use: Take 1 capsule with 8 oz. of water 15-30 minutes before bed. If 1 capsule is tolerated well, you may take 2 for a stronger cleanse. This is a very effective cleanse, so always start with 1 capsule to see how it affects you.
30 Day Weight Loss Kit Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Plan
Skinny Burn Speeds Metabolism Burns Body Fat Reduces Cravings Gives You Energy
Skinny Cleanse Removes Toxins from the Body Helps Control Appetite Speeds Weight Loss Efforts
Skinny Blend Best Tasting Weight Loss Shake Mixes Easily Only 100 Calories
Super Safe Weight Loss Kit that Works Great, Guaranteed


I received a 7 day kit for free in exchange for my honest review.

The 7 day trial looks like this:


The kit consists of the shake, a cleanse pill and fat burning pills. I started it by taking the cleanse pill at night, as directed. It did not give me any sort of stomach ache or pains like some cleansing pills do. I saw the effects of the pill the next day. I didn’t urgently have to go, but it did make going much easier.

The next morning, I had a shake and took two of the fat burning pills. The pills do contain caffeine (equivalent to a cup of coffee), so you will get some good energy. The vanilla shake is very tasty. It is low calorie and high protein which is just what I need in the morning! It isn’t grainy like some shakes are and you do not need a shaker bottle. I mixed it in a regular cup. My shake easily kept me full until lunch. Amazing!

I’ve done this 3 days in a row now. My appetite has decreased and I feel like I have lost weight. I don’t do my official weigh in until tomorrow, but I can almost guarantee I’ve lost a couple pounds from this quick slim kit. I imagine I will have to buy the 30 day kit after this because it works so well!!

I am also on an exercise plan. There is no magic pill to help you lose weight, so you would want to use this kit in addition to exercise.

You can buy the 30 day kit here on Amazon!

If you want to win a 7 day kit which ships from the vendor, enter here!


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