Skenda Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Sprayers Review

DRESS SALADS THE SIMPLE WAY Why shake up a salad dressing bottle when you can simply spray?
SIMPLE REFILLABLE OIL & VINEGAR DISPENSERS Just touch the top to deliver a fine mist right to the plate or bowl
CLEARLY MARKED Oil and vinegar bottles are labeled, so you’ll always grab the right one
HIGH QUALITY DESIGN Unlike other vinegar bottles & oil sprayers, our is glass with a metal bottom and silver top !
ORDER NOW WITH PEACE OF MIND OUR OIL SPRAYER due to our 365 days ” better than money back ” guarantee. No catches. See product image for more information.
There’s a special sort of science that goes into dressing a salad perfectly. Apply too little and your salad will be dry and unappetizing. Get too much on, and it’s a soggy mess. An ordinary salad dressing bottle or cruet can make things even worse, letting too much pour out at once and drowning everything. Fortunately, there is a way to simplify things and ensure that every salad you serve is perfectly dressed. Skenda Oil and Vinegar bottles set Dispenser Sprayers are the answer! Skenda Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Sprayers are unlike a shake-and-pour salad dressing bottle or traditional oil sprayer and vinegar bottles. Their unique design makes adding oil and vinegar to an individual salad plate as easy as pressing down on the durable plastic spray top and even gives you portion control. The oil and vinegar dispenser design delivers a fine mist that will cover salad evenly and lightly. A spray or two is all you’ll need to get any salad ready to enjoy with these sprayers. The oil dispenser allows you to use oil sparingly to cut down on calories. Unlike the Weight Watchers oil sprayer and other oil sprayers on the market, it comes with a matching vinegar bottle and is still affordably priced! Unlike other oil sprayers and vinegar bottles on Amazon, the Skenda Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Sprayers set is truly of the finest quality. The bottles are made out of glass, so they won’t contaminate your oil or vinegar with chemical additives nor will they break when exposed to even the strongest of vinegars. The stainless steel tops add to the durability of the oil and vinegar dispenser design and give the bottles a sleek quality that makes them an attractive addition to any table. Finding the perfect balance between too dry and drenched with dressing has never been easier! Serve delicious, healthy salads and season many other recipes with the best oil and vinegar bottles on Amazon. Buy with confidence now ” better than money back ” guarantee. 11909322_1454766828165374_1854533349_n

I received these free in exchange for my honest review.

I cook a lot with oil and vinegar. Sometimes the vinegar just comes out too fast and I get too much! How annoying! With these sprayers, you get to control the amount of oil or vinegar goes into your salad or into whatever you are cooking. Sometimes you just need a spritz of oil. The oil sprayer was perfect the other day when we were making garlic bread. You can spray it right on there and then use garlic and cheese on top. These are very handy plus they look great in the kitchen!

They are very well made and not cheap looking at all. I really like having these in my kitchen!

You can order here on Amazon!


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  1. Hi there! I just found your blog and think you have written some excellent reviews. I was looking for a smaller review blogger for some much needed inspiration as I am just getting back into reviewing and your blog has definitely provided that. I just wanted to comment quickly how much I enjoyed and appreciated your well thought out reviews. Thanks for being an inspiration for a fellow small reviewer:) Feel free to stop over any time at my blog, Angela Babbles, if you’d like!

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