Neon Green Applicator Makeup Puff Blender Sponge Review and Giveaway

PERFECT ABSORPTION, LESS WASTE – Some makeup sponges waste makeup by absorbing too much of it into the sponge. We have tested and created ours with the perfect density to help prevent wasting your makeup and having to wash it down the drain. Keep your makeup on your face and not in the sponge.
EXTREMELY SOFT TOUCH – We wanted to ensure that when our makeup sponge enables you to have a relaxing and enjoyable experience similar to that of a soft breeze touching your beautiful face.
CONTOURS HARD TO REACH SPOTS – Lets face it now all makeup sponges are built alike. Ours for example are quality controlled to ensure even the smallest defect in shape is eliminated from seeing daylight. With this type of quality you will expect that the shape of this sponge will reach the hard to blend spaces of your face while creating a perfect balance when used evenly.
REUSABLE & EASY TO CLEAN – Why would anyone want to create more waste then what is necessary. We have designed our makeup sponge so it can be washed, gently squeezed to dry and used again.
TRAVEL CASE INCLUDED – Not everyone has all day to stay at home and its nice to bring the things in life that make a difference when freshening up. So each of our makeup sponges includes a plastic travel case so it can be stored in while not in use. Most sponges we have found are more likely to deteorate over time when exposed to certain elements outside their package. So we have created a unique travel pack that will allow you to put your makeup sponge in your purse or to jetset to your next destination with out worrying about it touching things it should not.

Our premium Neon Green makeup blender beauty sponges are made from the highest quality materials we could find. No expense was spared in the making as we wanted to provide the most superior makeup sponge we could offer.

I received this free in exchange for my honest review.


I prefer using sponges to apply my makeup. It makes it really easy and you waste less makeup. If you use your fingers, your skin absorbs a lot of the makeup.

I love the travel case this comes in! It is easy to store and keep clean. You don’t want to be rubbing a dirty sponge on your face!

I tried it this morning with just CC cream. It was a busy morning and I was able to apply my makeup in less than one minute.


If you do a lot of contouring, this is very helpful as well. You can achieve the Kim Kardashian look (ok, maybe not).

It was easy to clean as well. I got it wet and rubbed it on a bar of soap!


Dirty and clean!


You can purchase it here on Amazon. However, the vendor wanted me to do a giveaway! We will have a flash giveaway. Comment on this post today, September 10th 2015 before 11:59 pm and I will randomly pick a comment to win an Amazon coupon code for a free blender! If you don’t have Prime, you would have to pay shipping.

Comment here to be entered to win!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Rina C. says:

    I as well prefer sponges to apply my make up!

  2. Here’s my comment!

    I’m not sure why it took me so long to discover the amazingness that is the beauty sponge!

    1. Congrats! I put both entries into and you are the winner! Email me with the following info: Name, email address, phone number and address. Congrats! My email is

      1. Thanks! I sent everything. I never win anything!

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