Platinum Sun Leggings with Printed Design Review

  • ERGONOMIC FIT: 4-way stretch and ergonomic cut ensures an athletic contoured fit, that provides unrestricted flexibility and increases flow of oxygen to the muscles
  • SUNPROOF: The garment offers an ultra violet protection factor, (UPF) 50+, that provides the maximum protection from harmful UV rays that strike your skin.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL: The unique cross-section fiber used in our fabric is treated with an antibacterial finish.
  • FLATLOCK SEAMS: Low profile seam stitching prevents skin irritation and rashing.
  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied we will 100% refund you, no questions asked.

Introducing Mystica Leggings by Platinum Sun®

BEST FOR: These high-performance leggings are perfect for any workout from HIIT sessions at the park to supersets at the gym! Wear them while surfing, kite surfing or any watersports activity to stay warm and protected from the UV light! They are also comfortable and stylish enough for casual wear, even outside the gym! ENHANCED MOVEMENT The fabric’s higher spandex content adds more stretch, creating a tight, ultra-supportive fit that enhances your range of motion as you move. NON-STOP COMFORT Streamlined fit that stays in place and a smooth feel made for miles. QUICK-DRYING Quick-drying fabric helps keep you dry and comfortable by wicking sweat away to the fabric’s surface, where it quickly evaporates. MOISTURE-WICKING FABRIC Unique sweat-wicking compression fabric, to keep you cool, dry and comfortable no matter how intense you work out. Material used: 73% Polyester & 27% Spandex. SUBLIMATED PRINTING Extraordinarily brilliant colors will stay bright and withstand abuse from salt water and chlorinated pools. PlatinumSun® Guarantee and Promise •All Products Are Backed by PlatinumSun® Warranty
•If Size Will Not Fit You, Contact Us Immediately and We Will Replace Your Product or Refund You Instantly
•30 Day Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked!
Get Your Premium Quality Leggings Today!

I received these free in exchange for my honest review.


I try to get to the gym a lot and I try a lot of different classes from dance to yoga. I get tired of my pants folding over at the top and having to pull them back up when working out. I did not have that problem with these pants. The waistband is thick enough so it will not roll over. It also goes high enough to hold everything in comfortably.

They were a little long on me, but I just pulled them up. They were so comfortable and I felt really supported in these pants. They were easy to move in and the design is really cool! They are just really fun, comfortable pants!

I wore them to go walking last night. They were very comfortable with no thigh rubbing issues. I didn’t have to stop and adjust my pants at all. They stay put!

Leave me a comment! Where would you wear these awesome pants?


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