Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil Liquid Review

TRIPLE POWER FISH OIL is aptly named because:
TRIPLE STRENGTH. It contains triple the omega 3 fatty acids at 1480 mg (750 mg EPA and 450 mg DHA) in highly-absorbable natural triglyceride form. Molecularly distilled and pharmaceutical grade ensures purity and quality.
TRIPLE SUPPORT. it contains USDA organic Curcumin and natural Astaxanthin in addition to pharmaceutical grade molecularly distilled fish oil for triple inflammation support
TRIPLE GUARANTEED: to be the best tasting fish oil you have ever tried; to be fresh and burp free; and to improve your omega 3 blood test levels in just 90 days. Order OmegaQuant Omega 3 Index blood test to measure your improvement. Guarantee details available from seller, AlgaeCal Inc.

Triple Power is the world’s only product to guarantee you will increase your omega 3 levels thereby increasing cardiovascular health, slowing aging, and supporting your brain function! Why are we so confident? Triple Power is a revolutionary all-in-one formula. Each of the three active ingredients in Triple Power Omega 3 – fish oil, astaxanthin, and curcumin – help to support a normal inflammatory response in healthy people. And these three ingredients protect every cell in your body from free radical damage. This formula is about synergy. Astaxanthin and curcumin are best absorbed when taken with fats such as those found in fish oil. In turn, these two potent antioxidants help keep the fish oil from oxidizing in the body. And our fish oil is even stronger than the high EPA/DHA levels suggest. How is that possible? Triple Power is an emulsion, which means it is 300% to 500% better absorbed than fish oil capsules. What are two of the most common complaints about fish oil? Fishy taste and fish burps. We have no need to hide our fish oil in a capsule. Mango flavored Triple Power Omega 3 is so fresh and delicious you eat it right off the spoon. Our fish oil is harvested from fresh sardines, anchovies and mackerel in near-to-shore fisheries. Then it is processed immediately to preserve the delicate oils. The synergistic power of astaxanthin and curcumin helps to keep the oil stable – so that it doesn’t oxidize. It’s flavored with all-natural mango flavor and sweetened with xylitol natural fruit sugar making it taste like your favorite candy. You will quite literally crave your fish oil! Click the yellow Add to Cart button on the top right now.

resize_805b7e04a198488f6493e6fa46a6a49ef709c00399464d5d8af8b917fb816f138785779e256256 resize_bd4bed71cd793217b08ee4cf179574033c2c6d07f74399f2f6a412c9d3682c6a86d7cc17128128

I received this for free in exchange for my review.

I usually take fish oil capsules because I need to get my Omega 3’s in. When I received this bottle, I was pleasantly surprised on how big the bottle is!

I shook it and opened it. I was also surprised on how thick it was. I was worried about the texture and taste, but it actually tastes really good! There is zero fish taste. It tastes like a mango smoothie!

I have been using this for a week and have never had a “fish burp” or any fishy taste from it. You do have to keep it in the fridge after it is opened though.


You can order here!


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