Thick Bamboo Cutting Board Review

Large enough for your cutting and chopping needs, small enough for your cupboard. Attractive vertical grain design makes a beautiful addition to your kitchen.
One of the best cutting boards for meat, cheese, bread, vegetables and more. Handles all food preparation needs with ease.
Safe for your knives and a natural alternative to wood. Bamboo is much stronger than hard woods and more environmentally friendly.
Ergonomic handle for easy moving or hanging. Drip groove catches cutting juices for easy clean-up. Measures 15 x 9.5 x 0.7 inches. Make sure to handwash with warm water and do not put in dishwasher.
100% satisfaction guaranteed: if this cutting board does not meet your expectation, we’ll send you a new one for free. No questions asked.
Durable, functional, and beautiful!

The perfect cutting board in the perfect size for all of your food prep needs! These attractive, thick bamboo cutting boards are large enough for your cutting and chopping needs, but small enough to fit in your cupboard.
– Thick board prevents “knuckle thumping” while cutting.
– The perfect size: 15 in. x 9.5 in. x 0.7 in. Big enough for cutting, small enough for storing.
– Vertical grain design makes this board both a sturdy and beautiful addition to your kitchen.
An environmentally friendly choice!

Bamboo is sustainable and durable and an excellent alternative to wood cutting boards. These thick boards are great for cutting all kinds of different foods, including meat, vegetables, cheese, bread and more. Keeping it clean is easy, simply wash with soap and water (not dishwasher safe). Naturelle Living strives to provide well designed, high quality kitchen products for your kitchen that are also environmentally friendly.

I received this free in exchange for my honest review.

Last weekend, we made salsa. You know how messy cutting tomatoes are. Usually we end up with tomato juice everywhere. I used this large bamboo cutting board and had no issues cutting my tomatoes. The grooves are really nice and do a great job of catching all the juices and keeping your counter clean.
This is a really nice, high quality cutting board. It was easily washed and laid out to dry. I like keeping this out because it looks really nice and classy!
If you would like to purchase, here is the Amazon link!


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