The Conversation Handbook Review


The Conversation Handbook

The Conversation Handbook gives you the tools you need to achieve your social goals using evidence-based exercises, techniques and training methods.

This ebook leverages evidence-based exercises to address the most effective and frequently required conversation skills. The book opens with a broad grading system, giving you the opportunity to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

The following chapters focus on providing a deeper understanding of these social skills areas as well presenting specially designed exercises to not only increase your score against a widely respected grading scale, but also to see quick results in your personal and professional life.

Master Effective Small Talk

Never run out of conversation topics or feel uncomfortable in new social situations. Learn to develop trust and strong friendships.

Connect Deeply With Anyone

Learn to understand more about why people are the way they are; their stories, secrets and passions. Become someone who they always want around.

Be Confident As The Center of Attention

Use the included exercises to develop a powerful, expressive and engaging voice. Tell amazing stories. Become hilarious with comedian-approved techniques.


I received a copy for free in exchange for my honest review.


As a very much introverted person, I have a really hard time making conversation with anyone. I am very socially awkward. Small talk – can’t do it. When I was reading this, a lot of the points hit home with me. While I am still socially awkward, I did pick up on a couple tips from reading this.


Purchase it here.


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