Farmona Nivelazione Slim Thermo Active Modeling Serum Review

Nivelazione® Slim is the result of a many years of experience and passion by the specialists at the Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory. This line of products is the combination of the effectiveness of well-known natural active ingredients such as, caffeine, L-carnitine and algae. They are produced with the latest developments, discoveries of modern dermatology and cosmetology in the fight against cellulite and stretch marks. TERMOACTIVE MODELLING ABDOMEN AND BUTTOCKS SERUM HOT THERAPY FORMULA FITNESS Models the abdomen and buttocks based on the innovative technology of fat removal from cells. It constitutes an ideal solution for problems with excessive curviness, loss of firmness and cellulite. A concentrated thermo-active formula, containing a specially prepared complex of active ingredients, supports the process of burning fat tissue. It also models the silhouette and improves the firmness and elasticity of skin. The exclusive warming formulation of the serum will: • actively shape the silhouette • slender the waist and visibly improve the shape of abdomen • lift buttocks and firm the skin • help to reduce excess fatty tissue and effectively fight cellulite. For best results, it is recommended to apply product twice a day after the shower. Feeling of warmth occurs after about 10 minutes, when the product is absorbed into the skin, and it continues for about 40 minutes after the application. Make sure to use the product in combination with physical activity and low- calorie diet. Active ingredients: Hot Therapy System, Actiporine 8G, Gotu Cola, Guarana extract.

I am 34 years old with 2 kids, so I have stretch marks and cellulite. This cream can help reduce the fatty tissue and give improved firmness. It is recommended to use twice per day with once being after a shower. Your pores are open then and the cream can really do it’s job. It says you will feel a heating sensation, which should be pleasantly warm. After using this for awhile, I never experienced the warming sensation.

This has a really nice smell, almost like tanning lotion. I think I smell some coconut in there. It is very thick but absorbs quickly.

I really like that this is paraben free. There are enough products in my life that can cause cancer, but this cream won’t be one of them.

You can purchase here on Amazon.


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