Bottom Loading Fruit Infused Water Bottle review

A Healthy Yet Delicious Way to Hydrate Your Body!

A study on water intake of the average American conducted by a group of dietitians at Boston College revealed some pretty lack luster results. They found that over 60% of us don’t even come close to getting enough water everyday. The majority of these people were even aware of the health benefits that water provides to our bodies. This includes fueling our muscles, helping our skin stay youthful and flushing our kidneys. So why would do we consistently fall short on taking care of ourselves; simple, TASTE!

Fruit Infused Water offer a completely natural process giving you the ability to flavor your water any way you want! Create an endless amount of recipes that treat your taste buds and refuel your body. The natural sugars that occur in your fruit are almost non-existent in the water making it even extremely low calorie and TASTY!

Our infuser water bottles are made from very durable Eastman Tritan which is completely shatterproof! Incorporating a unique bottom infuser rod allows for ever last drop of water to get flavored to your liking. Dishwasher safe, eco friendly and BPA Free so make sure to add your favorite colors to the cart above!
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I received this free in exchange for my honest review.

Fruit infused water is delicious! It is more fun to drink fruity water than it is to drink plain water. This fruit infuser water bottle works great and is easy to use. I love all of the different color choices! The orange is much more bring orange than it is in the picture.

If you are trying to drink more water, try infusing it with fruit! You can purchase here


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