Ponds Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes Review

Removes all traces of makeup for fresh, clean skin
Perfectly clean & fresh in an instant. No other leading towelette is better at removing impurities and gently lifting away makeup than these soft, textured cleansing cloths. Infused with Vitamin E and a Triple Anti-Oxidant complex, they revitalize skin while leaving it perfectly clean and makeup free.
Essential Features

Soft, textured cloths work gently without drying skin
Dermatologist tested
Safe for contact lens wearers

Key Ingredients
Vitamin E – an antioxidant known to soothe and promote healthy looking skin
Triple Anti-Oxidant complex – Helps to revitalize and refresh skin.

I received the Ponds Towelettes for free from Influenster in exchange for my honest review. They came at the perfect time! See for yourself how awesome they work!

I had layers upon layers of Halloween makeup on. Some of it was caked on from my morning Monster Dash and some was fresh for Halloween. I had black, green, white and red makeup, not to mention latex and blood. My daughter asked “how are we going to get all of this off??” I told her it would be easy with Ponds towelettes! Not only was it quick, it left my skin feeling great! I’m not sure how many brands can say that they are able to remove layers of Halloween makeup with no scrubbing! Thanks Ponds and Influenster!

You can purchase them here!


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