Light and motion tracker app review


LMT (Light & Motion Tracker) is easy to use.
It’s a scientific program that will amplify light in
research video. Treat it like a microscope for light. Some people also compare it to looking at a baby ultra-sound image or water mark. With practice you’ll be able to see what we’re all talking about.
LMT was inspired by MIT’s work in the same field. This program takes it to the next level with 3 levels of amplification, step through, and pulse features. Get ready, your life is about to change. We’re not alone. This technology lets you see super fine movements in greater detail. With this tech we have discovered ghosts and you will too. Ghosts are real and can be standing right in front of us. They also exist inside of solid objects. We believe the reason for this is to stay in our time line. Try out our award winning App and judge for yourself. Read this complete tutorial first before you start taking videos.

Some people compare this technology to a microscope. It took over 400 years for the microscope to catch on. People did not believe that small organisms could live in a drop of water. Well it’s true. Human eyes can only see so much without help. This is where this new technology (LMT) comes in. It magnifies the small changes of motion and light in the environment. It uses a standard or slow motion video to do this. Video is specifically used because it captures and saves at least 30 images per second. These images are called frames. This group of frames helps with pattern recognition when you can analyze 1 image at a time and compare it to past and future images.

As you’ll see soon, the patterns are significant and merit further study. Keep in mind this is a whole new frontier. Experiment and post your results to the Internet. Please mention “Light & Motion Tracker” when you post on the internet. We’re trying to get this technology into as many hands as possible. Tell your friends and family.

What am I looking for? (ghosts)

You are looking for things that appear then disappear. You can see these light anomalies because of our App. Slowing down and amplifying each frame of video is key.

I received this app for free to review. You can find it on iTunes by searching Light and Motion tracker in the app store.

I know my house is haunted. I’ve had several experiences and was so excited to be able to catch them on my camera. This app requires you take a short video with no movement. After about 5 minutes, they show you your video after it was broken down. You can see all of the light movement. I caught a face in my bedroom which is where I have the most paranormal experiences. I knew it was a male, but the picture proof showed that I was right. In one frame, you clearly can see a man’s face with a goatee.


Usually I would call this matrixing, but in this case, it was not in the other frames. This app is great for anyone who is interested in the paranormal. Download it on your phone by searching Light and Motion tracker.



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