Digital Kitchen Timer Review


• 2 WHITE KITCHEN TIMERS IN ONE SET – While the large oval timer stands out and has a noticeable alarm, the square timer has a loud enough alarm that is calm and quiet if your baby is sleeping or you don’t want your dog to panic.
• COUNT UP AND DOWN – Maximum time both timers count is 99 minutes and 59 seconds. The timers can be used as a digital stopwatch for counting. They are useful for cooking, homework activities, sports, and businesses.
• OVAL TIMER WITH LARGE DISPLAY AND BOLD DIGITS – 6.5 * 3.4 cm LCD screen. Fantastic for those who can’t see very clearly. This strong magnetic timer can be placed on any metal surface. Its loud alarm is very helpful for those who are hearing impaired.
• OUR FULL COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMER SERVICE – Both timers are easy to use, and included is a clear and graphic user manual that is understandable to our customers. We’ll always be happy to assist in any questions regarding our products.
• SQUARE TIMER COMES WITH BATTERY – 3.6 * 2.7 cm LCD screen. This timer can be set in place by its magnetic backing or retractable stand. Having a convenient built-in alarm, it can be left on the ON position.
Do you want to stop burning your food?

Are you sick of burning your meal? Would you rather your bread be baked properly?

We’ll keep your food cooked perfectly – Time is everything in cooking! Our timers will inform you exactly when your food is ready.

They work great for cooking recipes – If the recipe says 20 minutes to cook pizza in the oven, with our kitchen timers, you know exactly when 20 minutes have passed, and you will not burn your meal.

You can also use them for tests and sports – If you have a psychometric exam or running competition, you can use our timers for every situation.

Why Choose The Kitchen.en Kitchen Timers?

It’s Friday morning, and there are plenty of things to do: laundry, cleaning the house, and cooking. Doing everything at once to get it done on time is hard. You’re concentrating on what you’re doing, and suddenly you smell something burning in the oven. You run into the kitchen, pull the tray out of the oven, and discover that your spouse’s favorite cookies are burned to a crisp.

How about trying a product that will take care of the cookies, so they are never burnt again?

Our kitchen timers will make sure you never burn your food.

You will be able to clean the house, play with the kids, and watch television while the cookies are baked to perfection. One thing is certain: when you hear the beep, you know your food is ready just in time!

LOOK NO FURTHER .. Kitchen.en Kitchen Timers are perfect for you!

These products have a one year warranty if defective.
I received these free in exchange for my honest review.
I have a timer on my oven, but these are much easier to use! They were easy to figure out and the buttons are big enough to easily see. The colors are great and look great in my kitchen!
Not only can you use these to cook, but you can use them for timeouts! I also have to use a timer when my son eats because he is so slow! Now when the timer beeps, he knows dinner is over!

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