Santa Christmas Mugs Review

FUNNY COFFEE MUG WITH FATHER CHRISTMAS: safe, solid stoneware hot drink/ beverage mug. Best for Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Green Tea, Herbal Tea or any hot beverage of your choice,
MAKES GREAT SECRET SANTA GIFTS FOR FAMILY, FRIENDS & OFFICE PARTIES: guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of everyone that you give this humorous, beautiful gift to, as you help them relax and get into the Christmas spirit, with a nice smiley santa coffee mug, and it comes in a beautiful gift box. Suitable for both men and women,
SOLID 12 Oz BEAUTIFUL RED & WHITE EARTHENWARE CHRISTMAS MUGS: with its happy design, and Christmas nostalgia this mug will quickly become the favourite coffee mug, as its light comfortable, and holds a good sized cup of coffee or other hot beverage,
MICROWAVE & DISHWASHER SAFE: use it and wash it, and use it and wash it. This mug will last for years, and continue to look and feel great for those daily coffee breaks, and your starbucks coffee mug
YOUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: we don’t just sell beautiful coffee mugs for christmas, we guarantee them, and offer a 100% No Quibble Money Back Guarantee
The Story Behind The Santa Claus Christmas Mug

I remember when I was a kid the huge build up, and the excitement, and the presents around Christmas time. How everyone was in a good mood, and people who worked a lot, maybe even too much, had time to be at home and play with their kids, at least for a few days..

And then, the holidays were over and everyone got back to their job, or to school, or whatever and we all as kids, looked forward with all our hearts to Christmas coming back, next year.

Its emotional, its wired in, that most of us have fond memories of, and nostalgia for Christmas, and Santa Claus, and Christmas TV, even if we complain about it afterwards. And so when we were developing new products recently, we thought it would be really cool to introduce a Santa mug.

So we did.. and a few months ago, I brought home the prototypes to my kids, and their faces lit up. Maybe its because it’s a beautiful bright red mug, or because it features a smiley, happy, shiny Father Christmas/ Santa Claus character, or maybe its just because they love Christmas..

Sure to bring a smile to your inner child every time you go for a cup of tea or coffee, or hot beverage of your choice.

Start The Day With A Smile On Your Face –

Start the day with a smile on their face when they enjoy a hot drink in their fun, novelty Santa Mug,

Bright & Happy Mug Makes A Statement

The bright & happy red Santa mug looks great, and will brighten up the home or office. 100% dishwasher and microwave safe.

Perfect Christmas Gift For Friends, Relatives or the Office Party


I received this free in exchange for my honest review.
Get in the Christmas spirit! This mug is perfect for home or the office. It is solid and well made. The design is really cute – who doesn’t love Santa??
This would make a great gift for anyone. You could gift it to your Secret Santa at work too! The design is on both sides and would look great on any desk. You could also gift it to your parents. They will think of you every time they use it!
Great quality mug – buy it now!


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