Snug Baby Monitor Review

ENSURE YOUR BABY STAYS SAFE and secure at all times. Easily check on them with your iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or Android phone
SIMPLE TO SET UP: Camera connects to your home WiFi network in only a few minutes. Then control the video camera from your smartphone or tablet wherever you are
MOTION AND AUDIO DETECTION: Audio and motion detection alarms can be set so you don’t have to watch the screen, alerts will be sent to your phone or tablet
NIGHT VISION: See your baby in the dark to check they are OK. There is also a two way microphone so you can hear and talk through the camera
QUICK ONLINE SUPPORT from the snugtogether website to help you get set up and troubleshoot if needed. Official iPhone and Android App available for free download from App Store/Google Play Store
Simple and quick set up

You can easily connect this video baby monitor securely to your home Wifi network and smartphone (iPhone, Samsung etc.) Just plug in the camera, download the app for free, enter the camera details and your router password and you are good to go. You can also enter a custom password in the app to access the camera for added security

Monitor your child from anywhere

With this baby monitor video camera you can watch your child from literally anywhere as long as you have Wifi, 3G, or 4G enabled on your device. Whether you need to run out for a quick errand or you’re gone for the whole day at work, ensure your infant stays safe at all times until you get home.

Audio and Motion Detection Alarms

Get alerts to your phone or tablet if the camera detects movement or sound. The app does not even have to be running for the alerts to come through and you can set the sensitivity in the app. This means you don’t have to watch the screen to know your baby is OK

Free App available for download

The official SnugCam App is available for free download in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. That means you can use this baby monitor easily with your iPhone. Once you’ve downloaded the app, all you need to do is enter the camera ID, and you’ll be set to use and control the SnugCam with your smartphone, tablet or PC from anywhere.


It is now possible to diagnose any issues online. Just contact the snugtogether website or send a message on Amazon and we will support you until any issues you may have are resolved. There is also a troubleshooting guide and FAQ section on the snugtogether website

Package includes camera, mains power adapter, aerial, wall/ ceiling mount fixings

I received this free in exchange for my honest review.

Why didn’t they have these when my kids were babies? This is the greatest baby monitor ever! I hooked it into my child’s room last night. It was very easy to hook up. It did take longer than a few minutes for the Wifi to connect, so don’t worry if it takes 5 or so minutes. Once it is hooked up, it works pretty slick.
You can control what you are looking at from your phone and even zoom in! Just by swiping your phone, you can turn the camera. There is also a 2 way communication. You can turn it on so you can hear your child and then press the microphone to talk to your child. There is a small delay so you can hear yourself on your phone.


You can zoom in even closer, but this is so clear it is unbelievable!
It works great in the light or the dark! The night vision makes it look super spooky but it is very clear! There is also a huge range so you could keep an eye on your sleeping child while he or she is with a babysitter, home with dad, etc. I am at work and able to look into his room (he is at school).
There is an alarm on it as well. You can set it to sense motion or sound and it will send you a notification saying that motion or sound was detected. It is running even when you don’t have the app open on your phone.
This would make a great gift for any mom to be or new mom! Get that peace of mind that your child is sleeping soundly!

Buy it here!


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