Tea Tree Essential Oil Simply Earth Review

100% Pure: No additives and undiluted – Check out the GC/MS report in the in the 100% Pure Guaranteed Tab

Aroma: Fresh, slightly medicinal scent with characteristic woody, camphoraceous notes

Uses: It is one of the most useful essential oils being useful in formulating household cleaners and eliminating mold problems. Also, check out our recipes below for more ideas on how to use this oil.

Therapeutic Properties: Anti-infectious, antiseptic, bactericidal, expectorant, fungicidal, vasodilator

Description: Having needle like leaves and yellow or purplish flowers as its head, this small tree or shrub is native to Australia but now mainly cultivated in China.
Main Constituents: Terpinen-4-ol: 41.02%
Botanical Name: Melaleuca alternifolia
Origin: China
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Plant Part: Leaf
Note: Middle – Top
Family: Myrtaceae
Blends Well With: Peppermint, and other mints; Lemon, and other citrus
Aroma: Fresh, slightly medicinal scent with characteristic woody, camphoraceous notes
Consistency: Thin
Color: Clear pale yellow
And if you aren’t satisfied with any other part of your purchase, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.


I received this free in exchange for my honest review.

Tea tree oil can be used for many different things! You can combine it with peppermint oil and add to a spray bottle filled with water and use as a lice repellent. Just spray it on your hair and your kids hair each morning. The peppermint will make it smell really good and lice HATE that! It will also make your scalp feel really nice and help with dandruff.

You can make your own bug spray with it as well to keep mosquitoes away. I like using natural ingredients on my children instead of bug spray I buy at the store.

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