Magicfly Pack of 5 Multifunction Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Review

Magicfly Multifunction Microfiber Cleaning cloth for Stainless Steel Appliances Glass Window Cleaning Cloths Blue(pack of 5)- 30*30cm

What is it?

This Magicfly multi-function polishing cloth is a fabulous invention. used as window glass cleaning cloths, wine glasses cleaning cloths, stainless steel appliances and other kitchen tools polishing and cleaning wipes, jewelry polishing and cleaning cloths. Unique scale weave or ripple texture clean dust and haze very well, and a light mist of water or cleaning solution will help break up more stubborn spots.
In the past, most of us used stainless steel cleaning polish spray and a cotton towel which left the hands greasy. With this cloth, you just need water! Simply dampen part of the cloth with water and clean with the grain. then use the dry side to buff them to a glorious shine.

Material: Professional microfiber
Size: 30cm*30cm
Package Weight: 365g

Package Included:
5 * multi-function polishing cloth
Set of 5 clothes – size:30cm*30cm;
Professional microfiber cloths for wine glass cleaning, window glass cleaning and stainless steel cleaning and polishing,can remove hard dirt easily on glaze surface, can also drying very fast and it’s very durable
Sparkling results with only water, completely smear-free, lint-free, streak-free;
Multi-function polishing cloth, also can be used on Jewelry cleaning and polishing;
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

I received these free in exchange for my honest review.
These work great on windows and stainless steel. With very little effort, these took the fingerprints right off our stainless steel fridge! No toxic chemicals needed to clean – just this cloth! With a little bit of water, I was also able to clean windows and mirrors pretty easily.
These are a great deal and will save you money in the long run. You don’t need to buy cleaning supplies after you get this set of 5!
Buy here!


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