Ore-Ida Totchos!

What is a Totcho? It is a delicious combination of tater tots and nachos! There are lots of recipes out there. You can make breakfast totchos, dinner totchos or just snacking totchos! You can check out some recipes here. These recipes are going to make you want to run home and make them!

For my recipe, I came up with it on my own. The ingredients popped into my head and I tried it out, not knowing if it would be good or bad!


This was my original idea.

I grabbed the tater tots and baked them as directed on the bag. While they were baking, I seared the Spam. Yes, ham in a can. It will give my Totchos some protein and a nice salty taste.


When the tots were done, I put them on a microwave safe plate. I sprinkled the cheese on top, followed by the Spam and then some more cheese. I heated it up for 45 seconds. I then topped them off with Top the Tater (this is a Midwestern thing. You can use sour cream as well), feta cheese and chives!

This is what it looked like.IMG_2903

These would be great to make for any party. The Superbowl is coming and I bet your guests would love some Totchos! The tots stayed crunchy and the cheese was so cheesy!

Go to the store NOW and grab some Ore-Ida Tater Tots and make yourself some totchos!

#contest #oreidatotchos #influenster

I received the Ore-Ida tater tots for free from Influenster in exchange for my review.


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