Grippie – Set of 8 Ergonomic Pencil Grip Review


• ERGONOMIC DESIGN- THE PENCIL GRIP THAT REDUCES HAND FATIGUE: Soft and comfortable design, slip-over grips provide relief even when writing for long periods of time, no more calluses and aching fingers!
• COMES WITH 8 GRIPS IN DIFFERENT COLORS: You get EIGHT pencil grips in assorted colors. Friendly fish design and vibrant colors make it a great tool for kids.
• SUPPORT HAND HEALTH, IMPROVE HANDWRITING AND CONTROL: Unique, patented design helps to improve handwriting by guiding the hand into the proper tripod position to provide maximum control when writing.
• PENCIL GRIPS FOR KIDS AND ADULTS: Adaptive grip design allows it to be used by a wide range of sizes and for both righties and lefties. Two sizes. Now adults and children can have a pencil with grip!
• FITS PENS, PENCILS AND MORE: Smart size designed to fit both pens and pencils. 2 sizes. Also fits many types of crayons, markers, brushes, and paint brushes


I received these free in exchange for my honest review.
You will receive 8 grippies in different colors. These are good for right or left handed people. These grippies help your hold your pen or pencil correctly so your hand doesn’t cramp up when writing. I use these at work and noticed it is much easier to write plus my pens look super cute!
You could also use these for kids who are learning to write so they hold the pencil correctly.
You can purchase them here!



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