Dot&Dot Sleep Mask Review

Rest Better – Get restful, deep sleep with this soothing mask with strap. Remedy your sleeplessness by blocking light and distractions for complete relaxation and a good night’s rest.
Perfect for Travel – Whether going by airplane, car, or on a cruise these eye shades are the perfect accessory to help you or your kids relax on the way to your destination. Find tranquility on any busy airline or train.
Stress Relief Aid – Cover your face and unwind from a long day of business with yoga or meditation. These natural aids will help you find inner peace and serenity.
Best Quality – The durable polyester fabric is lightweight and breathable, providing excellent long-term, natural solutions for relaxing and restful nights.
Lightweight Design – This light as air, pillow-like contoured design allows air to circulate to your eyes and ensures you can continue blinking easy.
GREAT FOR EVERY PERSON – Men and women, boys and girls will enjoy the benefits of this comfort eye cover. The fit contours perfectly to the unique curves of any face shape. NO MAKEUP SMUDGES – Other blindfolds press heavily onto your face, but not this one. Our design fits snug without too much pressure and is molded so you can open your eyes without smearing eye makeup. PACK AND CARRY – Find remedies for stress and take care of annoying sleep problems no matter where you are. This small lightweight accessory can be folded and slipped into any purse or suitcase. EASY CARE – Completely hygienic, simply hand wash with mild detergent and dry flat for quick and convenient cleaning time and time again. EVERYDAY LUXURY – Add this piece to your travel and relaxation essentials today. It also makes great gifts for holidays or birthdays!

Check out my video here!

This sleep mask is really comfortable. You adjust the size by using the velcro so it will fit any size head. The mask doesn’t let any light in. It is perfect for travel or people who have to sleep during the day. I like that it has room for your eyes so they don’t feel squished. It is made of super soft material.

Buy it here on Amazon!


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