Feeling magnets

FEELING MAGNETS is a personal development company that helps people build their emotional awareness, understand emotions and ultimately themselves.


Fear and our ability to flee, freeze or fight are what have kept us alive through evolution, so it’s a pretty good thing to have. Only nowadays, we don’t have so many tigers hunting us and we also have less situations where our life is really at risk. In a way, we feel Fear around less existential issues but sometimes it may still seem existential to us.

Fundamentally, Fear is an emotion with good intentions (as they all are), so here is some guidance to help you understand it a little better and to learn how to best put it to use.

Keep in mind, the feelings are always real. But the reason for the feeling can be real or imagined…

We take the latest research on Emotions and Emotional Intelligence and help you make it practical and to integrate it into your day-to-day lives. We guide you to…
Enjoy more
Stress less
Reach your goals
Focus better
Communicate better
Make better decisions
Worry less

With just a few minutes a day, you can master your emotions and train your emotional intelligence to benefit…
Your relationships
Your career
Your private life

I received these free in exchange for my honest review.

They have two sets – adult and children. I received the adult set.


You have dozens of feelings in the bag. There are good feelings and bad feelings.You can get your own emotion course emailed to you by signing up here.

Recently I used this box when I was upset. You can see the words I chose in my YouTube video.

When I used words like “worthless” and “disgusted”, I was able to think to myself “why do I feel this way? What can I do so I don’t feel this way?” These feeling magnets really get you thinking about your emotions.

I also added “how I want to feel”. I want to feel happy. What can I do so I can feel happy?” It really gets you thinking.

You can order your set here. They have a set for adults and a set for children. If you have children that struggle to control their emotions, this would really help.




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