Sela Hair Straightening Brush with Steam Review

silkier , smoother hair , High presssure , cool steam water ions hydrae the entire lenght of hair for a shinier, healthier look. The 30ml holds enough water for 15 minutes of constant steam.
Simple, Easy-To-Use Design for faster Hair straightening. The Sela Steam Comb combines precision and simple controls to give you the look you love fastr and 50% quicker.
Frizz-Free Hair Styling, Combining Ceramic Plates and Special 3D bristles, this straightening brush seperates your hair as you stlye. The result is a no-frizz look thats 70% smoother
Our steam brush straightener is safe to use on damp hair
Safe Temperture Modes – 5 temperture setting provide the right heat for your hair type, and a temperture lock prevenets accidental changes in the heat, No Frizz, no fuss Hair straightening never been easier than with the Sela Steam Straightener Brush


I received this free in exchange for my honest review.
I wear my hair straight every couple of days. I leave it naturally curly the other days. I was currently using a flat iron, but I felt like it was making my hair more and more dry each time I used it.
With this steam comb, I feel like the steam is going into my hair and making it healthier. It was easy to use (once I figured out the water situation). I like that you an adjust the temp so it is perfect for your hair. Make sure you read the directions to see what temp you should be using.
My complaint is that the water container had no directions on it. I wasn’t sure what to use the water dropper for so I tried using that to fill it. No, bad idea. It didn’t work. Eventually, I found the holes so I could put the water in. After that, it was smooth sailing.
My hair looks a lot better after I use this than when I use the flat iron. It actually has shine and life!

Watch my video here!

Buy it here!


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