iPhone 6/6s [Crystal Clear] Handy Armor Case

SETTING STANDARDS ✔ Our latest generation Handy Armor case is made of high quality polycarbonates – which provides protection from shock and scratches. These features provide lifetime warranty of best assurance, and a simply joy of using your beautiful device.
ANTI-DUST PLUGS ✔ It’s rare that phone cases have so many functions, and can protect your iPhone for years from dust damages in both, headphones and charger ports.
PERFECTLY SUITED TO 4`7 INCH. IPHONE 6/6s ✔ Its unique and pure structure makes your iPhone stay nice and slim while providing an extra secure grip.
THIN AS PAPER LIGHT AS FEATHER ✔ This case’s lightweight and minimalistic design will allow you to protect your iPhone without noticing any weight change to your device.
LIFETIME GUARANTEE ✔ Order now with peace of mind due to our Lifetime Guarantee. No catches. See product description below for more info.

I received this free in exchange for my honest review.
I kept this on my phone for awhile before I reviewed it. I drop it a lot. I was so glad to see that this phone case works! It is awesome and does a great job of protecting my phone! The case is clear so you can see your phone through it. My mom asked me “why don’t you have a case on your phone??” I showed her that I did and she thought it was really cool. I like that it has covers over the ports to protect my phone from dust!

Buy it here!


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