Soi and Whoosh party from Tryazon!

I was lucky enough to be chosen to host a party from Tryazon! I got to host Soi and Whoosh! Here is a little about Whoosh.

A superior, powerful, non-toxic cleaner specifically designed to not only clean all your cell phone and consumer electronics screens, but make them shine like new & resist fingerprints
Safe for screens: using WHOOSH! Screen Shine with our exclusive 2-in-1 anti-microbial cloth will not harm, damage, scratch or etch sensitive any screen types with proper usage
Resists Fingerprints: Our proprietary formula leaves a nano-thin, invisible coating that provides resistance to dust, dirt, oils & fingerprints; keeps your screen shinning
Non-toxic, Odorless & : keep your screen and devices clean without any harmful residues transferred to your fingers to worry about; Plus, it’s Alcohol & Ammonia free
Includes 2 bottles of Screen Shine + 2 W! antimicrobial microfiber cloths. 3.4FLOZ / 100mL bottle is perfect for your desk, home and office; the 0.3FL OZ / 8mL fits in your purse or computer bag

Whoosh is great! It really gets your phone screen clean. Everyone at the party was interested in buying it. They also have iPads and they get so dirty when the little kids use them. They also love that it repels germs as well! Whoosh was a hit!

You can buy it here!

The second item is Soi. Here is a little about Soi.


All the women know this issue. They love their purse, often it’s huge. And they can’t find what they’re looking for in this bag.

That’s where SOI comes into play. SOI is the automatic handbag light. No buttons or switches. It illuminates automatically when you’re searching for something and then goes off automatically, once you have found it.


We played around with Soi in our dance bags. Dance bags are dark and deep and it is hard to find anything quickly. Once we put the Soi light in the bag, we were easily able to see. The light turned on when it sensed our hand coming in. It is a great device!

You can buy it here!

Here are a few more photos. If you would like to try things for free, sign up at Tryazon!


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